Friday, 13 April 2012

UnRaid is a tough old cookie

The Reconfigured UnRaid
Having migrated my data to my sparkling new MediaServer8, I wanted to reconfigure my UnRaid server to transfer some of the 1TB disks to the Windows Server 8 box and replace them with smaller 500GB drives I had lying around.

As part of this process, I also downgraded the hardware from an i3 based CPU & motherboard to an old Dual Xeon config with PCI-X SATA card.

So, having removed three of six 1TB drives from the UnRaid system and replaced them with the 500GB drives, replaced the CPU & motherboard and completely changed the way the drives were connected to the system, to my utter amazement, the UnRaid system booted perfectly on the new hardware and furthermore, a lot of my data was still accessible!

Of course, anything that resided on the 3x removed drives was gone but a remarkable amount of stuff was still there. In fact, it proved somewhat difficult to erase the entire system and get back to a fresh, empty UnRaid.

I'm impressed that the system was so resilient and am happy to continue using it for my work archive now that I've seen how it reacts to catastrophic events!

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