Friday, 20 June 2014

unRAID v6 beta6

There's a really big release from Lime Technology this week; unRAID 6beta6 has lots of new goodies including support for KVM and Docker virtualisation (in addition to the existing Xen capabilities), lots of updates including linux kernel  as well as initial steps towards a new file system (btrfs is now supported on the cache drive).

My own system is currently working well on b5a and, while there's a lot here I'd love to play with, I think I'll be letting some others iron out the initial wrinkles so will probably upgrade to beta 7 when it arrives.

The other cool thing is we're seeing a lot more communication from LimeTech staff on the forums and a real effort to support this release with how-to guides and the like.

Looking forward to upcoming releases.

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Eshelon said...

Thanks for your feedback and support! We at lime tech appreciate it!