Sunday, 28 September 2014

unRaid 6beta10

Nice to wake up this morning to a fresh build of unRaid. And easy to install as well. Previous updates required manual download and installation but this one shows up in the UI and it's just a matter of clicking the update link (and restarting the system).

This is not an earth-shaking release but it does have a couple of UI changes that are undocumented. Most noticeably, the links to the VM management tools are now moved to the main menu;

Secondly, the output of the newly-named 'System Devices' function under tools now includes discrete listings of USB and disk devices in addition to LSPCI output.

It would be nice if the updated was notified via the UI (rather than having to go into 'Plugins' and clicking the 'Check for Updates' button but otherwise this seems like steady progress.

UPDATE: Beta10a is now available - some misc fixes for Xen auto-start and other bits.


Anonymous said...


Still on unraid 5.05, is 6.x safe enough to upgrade to now?

Peter Mee said...

It depends how risk-adverse you are.

I've been running since beta1 (on a test machine) and beta5 (on production.

However, beta7 & 8 contained the nasty bug that could corrupt files on ReiserFS disks.

That's now resolved but things change constantly between betas.

If you are in any way concerned about the integrity of your data, don't install the beta. It comes with bvery strong 'use at your own risk' warnings.