Saturday, 24 September 2016

The first million is the hardest

So, after 4 years, 72 posts and 88,069 page views, this blog is about to pay dividends. I'm about to click over to €70 in Adsense earnings. This is the earning threshold at which they send on the cash so I'm about to get my first payment. Yay! Wonder what I'll blow it on?

I obviously don't maintain this blog for the riches and fame!

However, I'm keenly aware that I have hardly been maintaining it at all of late. This is largely due to the fact that MediaServer8 has been so stable and reliable recently. unRAID and all the plugins and dockers I use to run whole house storage and a/v have been ticking along quite nicely, thank you very much so I haven't had very much to write about on that front.

However, there are a few projects in progress and on the horizon that  are related and might be interesting. I've set up a secondary a/v system in our family room in anticipation of a pending Xbox One S acquisition and have installed a new A/V receiver there. I'm also updating the main home theatre with ceiling speakers to enable DTS-X and Atmos height channels. I'll also be replacing my X10 lighting control system with Z-Wave in the near future. Plus, unRaid 6.2 is out!

A lot of these projects are not directly related to home server, storage, NAS and virtualisation which have been the main topics of this blog for the past 4 years. However, they will all one way or the other tie into some back-end systems so I'm going to expand the subject matter beyond just MediaServer and start documenting wider a/v projects and the like.

Here's to the next €70!!!

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