Thursday, 12 January 2017

unRAID as a software dev. platform

unRaid continues to amaze.

I find myself in the middle of a spare-time software development project that quickly grew from a personal home automation idea to a quite public 'when's it ready' kind of thing. It's the development of an Alexa Skill to allow spoken commands to an Amazon Echo to control Squeezebox devices. (see for the project details).

I needed a development platform comprising;
  • HTTPS endpoint for Amazon Alexa Skill
  • Skill Logic scripting platform (I chose Node-Red)
  • Database
  • MQTT Server
For the purposes of development and testing, I've set all this up on my unRAID. There's an Apache docker with SSLMate domain cert implementing reverse proxies. This satisifies the requirement for HTTPS connections. After that, I have Node-Red, MySQL and MQTT dockers all running and interoperating.

A copule of months in to the project, unRAID has been rock solid and has supported a group of about 20 testers hammering away at the application. Any problems that have occured are all due to my own coding abilioty - the platform has been rock-solid.

And the server  continues to serve up media and LiveTV without breatkinbg a sweat. Thanks again, LimeTech!

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