Friday, 18 October 2013

Two Steps Up, One Step Back

For no particular reason other than intuition, I’ve ditched Windows 8 Storage Spaces and reverted to unRAID.

I had storage spaces running on MediaServer8 for several months but when unRAID 5 finally went final, I installed it on my old XEON box and started playing with it again. I remembered how much I loved it’s simplicity and inherent security and just went back to it.
What this means is that my Windows 8 box is now used as TV server only. I’ve still got my Digital Devices Octopus system in there giving me 2x DVB-S2 tuners and 2x DVB-T tuners.

I’ve also settled on MediaPortal as my  software of choice. I’ve been through a lot (WMC, PLEX, XBMC, JRIVER and now MediaPortal. They all had benefits and drawbacks but I’m really linking MediaPortal.

One of the main benefits is that it integrates absolutely everything; music, video, photos and TV. (PLEX was my previous favourite but it just didn’t do TV and I never took to XBMC, even thought TV was integrated.

With MediaPortal, I now have a unified interface, (the Titan skin is really really nice), from which I can launch almost any media, I have full PVR capabilities built in and I can add as many clients around the house as I need all of which are more or less consistent in terms of functionality & operation.

This week, I came across this video and realized I can even integrate gaming. This might just save me the cost of a new Xbox One as my son is looking for one to play FIFA 14 – now he can do it via ‘the system’, and on any TV in the house!


Anonymous said...

I've just been reading about your journey, and so far, so good.

You linked me here from the unRAID 64 bit thread, and I figured I'd start from the beginning.

Anyway, you mentioned that you did try/use JRiver Media Center, and have settled on MediaPortal. I've been using JRiver for a LONG time, and have not really looked at other products for a long time.

I'm curious why you didn't chose JRiver, and what is better about MediaPortal?

Once I convert the current unRAID setup to the new 'fork' being discussed, I'll probably 'try out' many of the products you've tried. I don't suspect I'll change, as I know JRiver pretty well. But, I really do want to see what else is out there, and might integrate into a networked home a little more easily. I'm going to try everything in it's own VM, to try to keep things "even", and will do so with a very open mind.

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your journey, and especially the latest build, which is what brought me here.


Peter Mee said...

Hi & Welcome.

Over several years I've given J River several try outs and never really took to it. You know when something just doesn't 'click'.

I've always been chasing a single unified UI to access live TV and media content and until recently wanted something that was cross-platform (Mac & PC).

J River never really floated by boat and always seemed cumbersome and unwieldy.

I don't doubt that it could probably do everything I need but it's just never clicked with me the way XBMC , Plex and MediaProtal have.

If the MediaPortal guys bring everything that's promised to MediPortal 2.0, I think my search will be over.