Friday 27 December 2019

Solved - Av Access USB prevents system boot

In a previous post, I'd detailed my setup of using a  4KEX100-KVM  to extend an unRaid VM to a very remote screen over ethernet.

This has worked out great, with one exception. With the Av Access transmitter USB plugged in to my server, the system would not post. It was necessary for me to unplug the USB, wait for post and unRaid to start booting, then plug the USB back in.

This was a chore, especially as my server sits in my attic and can be a pain to access.

I was living with the issue as thankfully I don't need to reboot too often, but in researching something else recently, I came across a known issue with some older USB devices. It turns out that some USB devices feed +5V back to the host adapter. This can result in some motherboards failing to post - my symptoms exactly.

The extreme solution is to sever the +5V wire in the USB cable (!) but before going that far, I decided to try placing a USB hub inline between the USB host adapter and the transmitter unit. Hey Presto! I can now boot and reboot without issue.

All hail the interweb.

Tuesday 24 December 2019

Video Surveillance on unRaid

Inspired by everyones favourite unRaid you tuber SpaceInvaderOne's then partially completed series on setting up CCTV in unRaid, I figured it was time to get started on a little bit of home security.

I'd previously worked on building an interface to my legacy Comfort alarm / home control system, and that's fine for basic alarm, but video was always the next step.

SpeaceInvaderOne conducted a basic analysis of cameras and software available, before publishing a walkthrough of how to set up his chosen Shinobi docker. This, along with some other research, started me on my journey. I went ahead and purchased two of the SV3C 1080p PoE cameras he mentioned. These would connected to the spare PoE ports on my Unifi Switch 8 (see my Unify blog post for more details).

I tried installing Shinobi, (before the walkthrough dropped), and failed miserably. In any case, I'd previously researched the area and at the time decided that Blue Iris looked like the best option for scalability and integration.