Tuesday 6 April 2021

The Good Schiit

Through a long and winding path that started with an offer on Readly, which allowed me access some Australian Hifi magazines I would not otherwise read, one of which contained a review of this book, I picked up 'Schiit Happened' by Jason Stoddard & Mike Moffat.

I'd been somewhat aware of the Schiit brand from reading reviews and online, but never paid all that much attention, and don't own any of their products. However, learning this book was a blend of business startup and audio engineering, it very much appealed to me.

It's very very easy to read. The writing style is informal, laid back and yet wildly informative. It gets very technical at times, and at other times is filled with riveting anecdotes and business insights. The overall impression is of a smart team who very much have their Schitt together, but we learn that they weren't always so efficient & switched on!

If you have even a passing interest in the audio industry, marketing, business, startups or how to deal with intrusive homeowner associations,  you can't really go wrong with this entertaining read.