Friday, 10 October 2014

Current SetUp

MediaServer8 + Expansion Chassis In-Situ
Following on from my post on putting in place an external expansion chassis, I'd ordered a few cables to make the set-up a little more workable.

Specifically, a DVI cable with a 90-degree connector on one end now allows me position the expansion board correctly in the external chassis so that all slots are now externally accessible. I've also installed an eSata backplane that has two Sata cables internally. This allows me connect two hard drives in the expansion chassis to the MediaServer8 eSata ports.

The photo above shows MediaServer* and the expansion chassis positioned in my attic. This location is close to the termination point for all cabling in the house (Cat5, Speakers, RF) as well as telephone/fibre entry points. It's all a little messy right now, I need to get some order on those cables!

Here's a closer look at the expanison chassis itself;

From left to right, here's what's occupying the  slots;

-empty (future  PCI expansion potential)
-M-Audio Delta 410 PCI Audio Card
-2 port sata/esata PCIe controller card (3TB drive inside chassis connected)
-Digital Devices Octopus PCIe + DVB-S2 expansion card
-Digital Devices DVB-T expansion card (no PCI slot required
-eSata faceplate with ex sata interior cables

The DVI cable tethering the expansion board to the main system can be seen exiting the chassis through the opening where the ATX back-panel would usually be positioned.

It's all working amizingly well, is very stable and I still have space for;

-2 additional PCI cards (one in main system, one in expansion chassis)
-2 additional hard drives in main system
-3 additional hard drives in expansion chassis (number restriced by free sata connections)

 I've put together a diagram of how everything is connected together (click for a larger version);


Anonymous said...

are you running any vm's off your unraid storage or strictly using that for media

Peter Mee said...

vm files are all located on my cache drive. I didn't see the point of having them on the array and incurring the parity penalty on write operations.