Friday, 31 October 2014

Windows 7 FastCopy

I had cause today to copy ~440GB of data between two drives on my Windows 7 VM. Both drives were assigned to the VM as PHY: devices and the OS had PV drivers installed but even so, the copy operation was painfully slow with speeds of less than 20 MB/s and an estimated copy time of 6 hours.

Without the time or inclination to troubleshoot why the transfer was so slow, I did a quick search for windows 7 fast copy and came across a tool called, handily enough, fastcopy.

I installed and fired it up and set it to do the same operation. It finished in 1.5 hours with an average speed of ~70MB/s. Will be using this for similar operations in future.

Now to figure out why the OS copy operation was dog slow...

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