Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Google Stuff

So I was thinking about buying an Amazon Echo . Just to play around with. I also need a new phone and was seriously looking at the new Sony Xperia XZ . Then Google had their product announcements yesterday.

Pixel Phone
Google Home
Chromecast Ultra
Google WiFi
Google Assistant

I'm right in the middle of researching a new smart home platform to implement over the winter. Right now, it looks like it's going to be based around OpenHab and I'm looking for technology that will integrate with that. The Amazon Echo Dot is super cheap and provides some level of voice control and integration but has a few rough edges and limitations. I think I'll wait a little to see what the developer APIs will be like for Google Home. If I can instruct it to say things from OpenHab, it could be the one!

Now, Sony XZ or Google Pixel. Decisions, Decisions...


grant said...

Have you Have you by chance ever taken a look at HomeAssistant. ( )

Peter Mee said...

Hi Grant

I haven't. Had a quick look there and it's open source and supports a good amount of protocols and technologies which looks promising. Knee-deep in openHAB right now but still in an experimentation mode so might give this a whirl as well.