Saturday 30 August 2014

unRaid 6beta7 Update

The next beta of unRaid is out about a week and today I got around to installing on MediaServer8. I'd been on beta5 for some time as there was a problem in beta6 that prevented the Marvell SATA controllers on my motherboard working. Happily, this is now fixed in beta7.

I'd made a few adjustments to my TVServer Win7 VM to reduce the RamDisk size. Happily, on reboot, the RamDisk re-instantiated and the timeshift user share for activated automagically. This had been once concern for me - how would the RamDisk behave on VM restarts. Perfectly, as it turns out.

So this is all good news. I can now start playing with the new Docker features of unRAID and start thinking about whether Xen is the correct VM platform as KVM is now an option for me.

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