Sunday 30 July 2023

Set up Reolink Doorbell video with BlueIris

I recently purchased a Reolink Video Doorbell PoE on Amazon prime day to replace the Comfort intercom thats going on 20 years old. I selected this item over others as it supposedly integrates with BlueIris which I use for all my other surveillance cameras.

There's no distinct guide for setting this up that I could find, so here's what I did, for posterity.

Having set up the Doorbell and got it working with the App and chime, go to the app and tap on the settings gear next to the camera image. from there, tap on the panel with the image at the top of the page  to access the Device Info page. Now, tap on the 'Network Information' line item.

Note the IP address, and navigate to the Doorbell web page in a browser. (I used a desktop computer for this next step). Here, click on the gear icon at the top right;

From here, go to Network -> Advanced -> Server Settings -> Set Up

Here, enable RTSP and ONVIF, and make note of the ports for each. Click SAVE.

Before leaving the doorbell web UI, consider accessing standard networking settings and changing the camera IP from DHCP to Static. This will prevent the Reolink changing IP address in future, a change that would require an update to BlueIris as well.

Now, over to BlueIris and add a new IP camera;

The IP you've picked up from the App and the ports you know from the Reolink Web UI. The important additional parts here are the Main and Sub stream addresses. (sub streams are important if you are seeking to optimise BlueIris performance and resource usage - read about them here.)

And that's mainly it. You can tweak other settings to taste, but the above are the main steps in getting your Reolink Doorbell camera to display in BlueIris;

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